Septic Tank Pumping Near Me by Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing

Proper septic system maintenance is essential to you, your property, and the surrounding community. Septic tank pumping is the most important part of septic tank maintenance. Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing recommend Middle Tennessee residents get their systems pumped once every two to three years. Of course, this varies depending on the size of your septic tank as well as how many occupants rely on it.

Septic Tank Pumping Near Me
Septic Tank Pumping Near Me

Getting your septic tank pumped cleans out waste. This stops clogs and excess overflow. It prevents severe damage to your tank and plumbing system. Regularly pumping your septic tank saves you money, protects your property, and increases the value of your home or business.

1. Protect Your Property

Emptying your septic tank keeps it from overfilling. When a septic tank is overloaded and clogged, untreated wastewater filters onto your property. This wreaks havoc on your yard and the surrounding environment. Untreated wastewater can infiltrate wells and groundwater, posing a severe health risk to your family or property occupants. The waste also causes foul odors and unpleasant smells. Protect your property by routinely calling for Septic Tank Pumping Near Me and servicing your septic tank.

2. Prevent Damage

Proper septic tank maintenance will keep your system running for years to come. A thorough pump removes excess waste and water residue. These particles form clogs that block your septic system and lead to backups in your pipes. Pumping your septic tank allows water and waste to continue flowing smoothly through your plumbing system.

3. Save Money

By performing routine septic tank maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your tank. This saves you from shelling out cash for a replacement. Septic cleaning is affordable and only needs to be done every two to three years. Septic tank pumping keeps it in tip-top shape so your system lasts a long time and prevents expensive property damage.

Septic Tank Pumping Near Me
Septic Tank Pumping Near Me

4. Increase Property Value

A potential new property owner will be interested in learning how you maintained your septic system. A well-functioning septic tank is an additional feature of your property that buyers will take into consideration when making an offer. If your system has been properly taken care of and in great condition, it will raise your property value. Likewise, a failing septic tank results in lower property value.

Some Safety Precautions

When working around a functioning septic tank, or getting one ready to be pumped, the following precautions must be remembered:

  • Do not go down into a septic tank. Gases such as hydrogen sulfide will cause immediate unconsciousness.
  • Do not smoke near septic tank openings. Combustible gases may be present.
  • Never use electrical tools or other appliances close to water or wet ground.

• If a strong sewer gas or rotten egg smell is present inside the house, evacuate the building and call a professional to correct the problem.

After working on any part of the septic system, be sure to wash your hands and clothes thoroughly. Change clothes before entering a home or other building. Sewage is very corrosive. Care must be taken around the septic tank components. The safest way of having repairs or work performed is having a trained, licensed, and bonded professional do the work properly. Contact Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing today to book an appointment with us, and learn more about Septic Pumping Near Me.

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